Adamx Bi

Adams Bi popular known in showbiz as strategy out of his hard work picks two(2) nominations for BAMA 2020, that’s Album of the year and best video of the year with “Banda Ladies” and “Odo Nsuo” respectively. Delving into his personality, he attended middle school in Wenchi and was a member of both cultural troop and Choir. He has stayed a learn mechanical works at Kumasi after middle school.

In addition to that, his first Demo music performance with Mo Maria Gospel band in Kumasi Suame happened in 1995. It was titled “AISHA EBANO SENNI ” which in collaboration with Bandex Music production was later released in 1996. This marks the emergence of his first producer and he goes by name Ahmed Bandex. Adamx Bi was his first artiste on records as well.

This release exposed him and acquired him a spotlight into the Cote D’Ivoire music industry in 1998 after constant love for his project nationwide and beyond. Moreover, he had greater gigs that propel his career enhancement that landed into signing a three(3) year contract with Slim Jatz music in Cote D’Ivoire.

After this contract followed an album called “YATIMA DEN”, sang in Dioula and Wangara language. These achievements among many other amazing projects have been executed by the artist since he started his career to date.



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