Bugaluu Entertainment unveils first sample poster of “I Do All”, her maiden movie

I Do All (Movie)
I Do All (Behind The Scenes)

Rapizo, a cunning, but humorous young man struggles to win the love of Adepa, and; he must impress her by all means among his competitors, which makes him lie and steal but unknown to him that true love is driven by truth and honesty.

In nature, “I Do All” is a hilarious story of love, life, and living it one day at a time.

Shot in Takoradi (Ghana) with 100% Cast from Takoradi. This movie is a low budget feature and it’s intended to be continued as a series.

“I Do All” was produced & directed by Innocent Anokye.

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Language: English and Fante


I Do All” Behind The Scenes

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