If You can’t pay for your music expenses just quit music – Jimmy Raf


Many of these upcoming musicians think that God is still raining manna from heaven and for that matter, they feel relaxed waiting for help from a good Samaritan, some even have it in mind that without a record label, a musician can not make it out him/herself in the music industry.

But should that always be the case, must an upcoming musician always gets help from someone before he or she can make it through the music industry…. the big answer to this is NO. For this reason, Jimmy Raf who is a hip hop musician raising from the Bono East Region wants it to be clear to his fellow musicians that if anyone who cannot work hard for him/herself and pay his or her expenses should quit doing music because the music business it’s not for lazy people.

Jimmy Raf continued to say the upcoming musicians should use the little monies they have to invest in what they are doing and stopping buying unnecessary things for their girlfriends. “The money you spend on your girlfriend can pay for your music promotion or artwork”.

Jimmy Raf has currently released a new single song he titles “Legal Blog” featuring some of the best rappers in Techiman… Check out the song.

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Watch “Legal Blog” Video Bleow…

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