Mr Kamanzi Get Set For Massive Global Success With New EP


A few out of the many reggae-dancehall artistes in Switzerland are taking a standard extensive promo approach to reach out to the rest of the world with their music to earn a massive global fan base, BUT Mr Kamanzi can’t be left out of this short Swiss few-select list of heavily-talented reggae-dancehall artistes that are holding an active worldwide promo plan and are executing it with due managerial seriousness.

Mr Kamanzi is not a light artistic weight, he weighs quite heavy on the reggae-dancehall market scale, his work quality able to meet the duo-genre’s world-class standard. This strong testimony is back-able by a clean proof of his tested-and-trusted excellent stage performance, commercial-cut lyricism, good music, and his being a truly entertaining artiste (who without fail) treats his audience to flawless delivery.

Kamanzi Performing Live

Being a member of the Spirit Revolution (a France-based reggae-dancehall band), Mr Kamanzi has been able to position his brand at a level where it is enjoying a steadily growing Euro recognition. Paramount among his top people-reach plans is to hit global fame not too later from now.

Mr Kamanzi is originally from Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), but currently residing in Switzerland.  successful performances in Africa and Europe and is still on calculated moves to wide-spread his message, Mr Kamanzi is highly optimistic that he will definitely get the opportunity to tour The States, Asia and other countries in the near future.

Currently, Mr Kamanzi and Spirit Revolution are working on his EP project which is officially slated for a later 2020 release date —- but fans are to expect a couple of intermediate singles prior to the EP’s birth.

“Smile”, Mr Kamanzi’s latest video is watched on Youtube at        . SUBSCRIBE to stay abreast with the channel’s updates.

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