Wutah Kobby “Selfless Bliss” Album Out!!!


The song ‘Days Numbered’ from Wutah Kobby’s 12-track Selfless Bliss album generally advises against procrastination and people waiting till their days on earth are numbered before deciding to do the things dear to their hearts.

The lyrics, somehow, subtly point to why the young man, formerly the other half of the Wutah duo, has decided to move on to a solo career. Being under the spotlight alone, he claims, is something he had been dreaming of long before he and Wutah Peevee joined forces as the formidable, award-winning Wutah.

That partnership came out with its debut album, Anamontuo around 2004. Containing popular tracks like Goosie Gander, Adonko, and Big Dreams, the album endeared the young men to the general public.

Big Dreams won the Best Reggae Song honor at the 2005 Ghana Music Awards (GMA). Songs on the late 2008 Burning Desire album included the lovely Kotosa and the pair grabbed three awards at the last GMA.

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Wutah Kobby – Selfless Bliss Album (Buy Now)



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